Ms. Geneva's 50/50 Has              M/WBE Certification,         Is a Registered Vendor of NYC & The NYC Department of Education  (FAMIS) System

Hands on Tasting Nutrition Workshops

In addition Chef Wilson holds several achievements.
Let's Check Out a Few 🤗

Bronx Community Board #5 Member

NAB DYCD Community Board 5

AOS-Culinary Arts/Management- The Art Institute of NYC
 AS-Community/School Health Education- BCC
                 Diabetes Educator Level 1- AADE
Diabetes Community Care Coordinator

C.R.N - Community Resiliency Network

Recipient of The 2020 John D. Solomon CERT AWARD

As of April 1, 2019 Graduation From Basic Training
New York City Community Emergency Response Team ( C.E.R.T )

  Union Community Health Center’s Health Fair & Community Health Center Champion Award Ceremony was held on Wednesday, August 7 and Thursday, August 8.

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"The Peoplez Chef" Experience?
    Emergency Preparedness Training   2023-2024