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Healthy Recipe Ideas
  Dr. Salcedo Senator Gustavo Rivera Chef G. Wilson Mr. Diaz and Daughter Joanna Diaz
Mr. Diaz The owner and Serena Muniz Public Affairs Manager and Advocacy Coordinator unveiling the display.
  Senator Gustavo Rivera and Dr. Salcedo Holding Water while Mr.Diaz is Holding Award
Honorable Senator Gustavo Rivera Presents 
C-Town 2276 Creston Avenue Between 183 G. Concourse 
with an  Award 
For Their Support Of The HBZ  (The Healthy Beverage Zone ). 
 A Collaborative Effort With
 Union Community Health Center Dr. Salcedo, Tremont Neighborhood Health Action Center-Shop Healthy as well yours Truly Chef G. Wilson
Click Below To Visit Union Community Health Center
Organizations  that encountered " The Peoplez Chef Experience "
East Side Bronx Academy 2023
Breaking Ground Shelter
ACMH Shelter
Mary Mitchell Family and Youth Center
Check To See If Your Organization/ Business 
Is Forgetting  Something.
Highbridge La Familia Verde Farmers Market 2023

& The Mary Mitchell Center For Youth & Families