Ms. Geneva's 50/50 Has              M/WBE Certification,         Is a Registered Vendor of NYC & The NYC Department of Education  (FAMIS) System
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  Meetings  & Luncheons
Nutrition Workshops
 Community /Personal
Title 1 - SLT - PTA / PA 
Programs / Presentations & Workshops
Ms. Geneva's 50/50   Explanation of Services
We take pride in our selection of Quality Services. 

Our Catering is from 10-150 at this time. 

Our Nutrition Workshops are from 5 - 30 and Community Events are on a Sliding Fee Scale. 
Presentations/Speaking Engagements are a flat fee
 Our Meetings Menu our Based on 
The Food and Beverage Standards for Meetings and Events.
The Nutrition Workshops are Key to Our Advocacy and Joint Efforts in the  #NOT62 
for All Ages, Capacities, Settings and Locations Including Senior Setting, 
Day Care & Adult Service
 Including Disability Services
 We work with Organizations, Health Plans, Hospitals, Health Centers, Grants and Various Budget Size
 Our School Presentations and Hands on Workshops are Awesome.

 We demonstrate these workshops In/After School Settings.

We are Expanding Fast