Ms. Geneva's 50/50 Has              M/WBE Certification,         Is a Registered Vendor of NYC & The NYC Department of Education  (FAMIS) System
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Ms. Geneva's 50/50 is dedicated to supporting our Communities and Families of all ages & diversities.

 We Advocate & Facilitate awareness of Nutrition & Physical Wellness with Prevention & Maintenance of various Health Complications / Diseases such as though not limited to

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Obesity to our Youth, Adults and Families in our Communities Thru Hands On Prep and tasting with Resources & Community Outreach to Implement Healthy Lifestyle Changes

 "The People's Chef is Dedicated to Being a Part of
The Revitalization Of a Healthy Bronx 
One Community at a Time".

Nutrition Workshops
Union Community Health Center
Workshops Around The Bronx Featuring S.A.G.E Bronx 
Services For Developmentally Challenged
M.S 391 
The Angelo Patri-Middle School
The Girl's Circle